Take a Hike: Life Starts at 75

The Arts Campus at Willits presents

Take a Hike: Life Starts at 75

Thu · March 15, 2018

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

$19 in advance - $24 day of show

Take a Hike: Life Starts at 75
Take a Hike: Life Starts at 75
Join Soren West who, at 75, hiked the entire Appalachian Trail with his Golden Retriever, Theo. You’ll have 2,200 miles of adventure without leaving your chair. You’ll see bears, deer, snakes and toads and experience the weather of all four seasons. You’ll see breath-taking scenery and hear the silence and howling winds of mountain forests and rain pelting your tent in a thunderstorm. You’ll hike all 267 mountains of the trail and never get wet, cold, bitten or sore. You won’t lose 30 pounds or need a dentist to set a tooth or a hospital for shoulder injuries and it won’t take a month for feeling to return to your fingers and toes.

Every Appalachian Trail “thru-hiker” takes a trail name. Soren’s is “Sojo” which stands for “Sojourner.” Travel with him and thrill to the adventure he conceived when he was 14 and finally did at 75!
Venue Information:
The Temporary
360 Market St.
Basalt, CO, 81621