Let’s Spend the Night Together…with the Stones at The Drive-In!

Let’s Spend the Night Together…with the Stones at The Drive-In!

All Ages
Let’s Spend the Night Together…with the Stones at The Drive-In!

Presented by TACAW and Crown Mountain Park

While arts, culture, and recreation institutions locally and around the country are reinventing how they program, TACAW and Crown Mountain Park are reaching to the past to set the stage for the future of programming. This drive-in event will be the first-of-its-kind in the valley and feature a screening of the film Havana Moon: The Rolling Stones Live in Cuba. The event represents a turning of a corner for the Roaring Fork Valley as it will allow residents to gather as a community and have a shared experience while adhering to social distance guidelines.

Let’s Spend the Night Together with the Stones at The Drive-In! marks the beginning of the return of arts, culture, and entertainment to the Roaring Fork Valley in the COVID-19 world. Join the fun!

Please note that ticket fees will not cover the cost of producing this event. If you would like to DONATE TO TACAW, please click here.

Tickets go on sale for the general public May 26. All ticket buyers must enter their license plate number to ensure access for their car. Vehicles will be parked starting at 7:45pm on a first come first served basis. Audio will be broadcast via FM radio to vehicles.

Drive In Guest Expectations

• Guests must stay in their cars or in the ‘footprint’ of their car at all times except to visit the restroom. DO NOT set up chairs or blankets outside your vehicle’s footprint.

• You must wear a face-covering when leaving your car for any reason.

• Please follow the instructions of local law enforcement, TACAW staff, Crown Mountain Park staff at all times.

• You may not park your vehicle within 6 feet of another vehicle.

• No oversized vehicle and no trailers.

• Limit the number of people in the restroom (except for adults with a child).

• If you use the restroom, wash your hands before and after at the provided handwashing station.

• Customers who do not follow these rules will be asked to leave.

• Please be kind when entering and exiting. Let’s be honest, nobody is in a rush and nobody has anywhere to be right now, so be patient and kind and follow our traffic directors to make this an enjoyable experience for all.

• Please abide by all local, state, and federal laws.

• Please follow these rules so we don't get shut down.

Parking Map

Venue Information:
Crown Mountain Park
20 Eagle County Road
Carbondale, CO, 81623