Colorado Shakespeare Festival
Presented by TACAW & Basalt Middle School

Colorado Shakespeare Festival

All Ages
Colorado Shakespeare Festival
Location: Basalt Middle School

Sponsored By: Umbrella Roofing

TACAW and Basalt Middle School have partnered to bring Colorado Shakespeare Festival's Violence Prevention Program to the valley. This remarkable program uses live performance and the latest school violence research to give students the tools they need to effectively prevent violence in their schools. Basalt Middle School students will improve their Shakespeare literacy while learning intervention strategies they can use in their day-to-day life.

How does it work? Professional actors from CSF perform an abridged Shakespeare play followed by classroom workshops that help students connect situations in the play to situations they face every day. Students can step into the shoes of characters from the play and roleplay safe, creative solutions. This program will be presented at the Middle School, but it is not open to the public. Parents are encouraged to talk with their kids about their takeaways from the program.

The Tempest

Performance: 30 minutes | Workshops: 50 minutes | Grades: 3-5

When all his enemies are shipwrecked on his magical island home, Prospero must choose between seeking revenge, or forgiving those who did him wrong.

Workshops will focus on empathy, teamwork, and how to be an "upstander" (someone who choose to help when they see mistreatment), using roleplay scenarios from the play.

Romeo and Juliet

Performance: 45 minutes | Workshops: 50 minutes | Grades: 6+

Star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet strive for connection in a bitterly divided community. Verona's youth are forced to bear the burden of their parents' ancient grudge, an ultimately tragic testimony that "violent delights have violent ends."

Workshops will focus on the relationship between empathy and violence, using roleplay scenarios from the play to practice creative alternatives to violence.

Venue Information:
Basalt Middle School
51 School St
Basalt, CO, 81621