Business Advocates




Business Advocates are members of the Roaring Fork Valley businesses community who want to invest directly in artistic programming because they understand the critical importance of vibrant art in their community and wish to be associated with the excitement of The Temporary. These community leaders believe in a shared vision for increased access to performing arts that define the Roaring Fork Valley’s cultural identity, create educational opportunities, and improve the overall quality of life here.


• Business Advocate status granted for one year from the time of the gift

• Recognition as the exclusive sponsor for one event at the Temporary selected  by TACAW staff

• Logo included on all Print at Home tickets for the selected event

• 4 VIP tickets to a selected event

• Regular recognition on the Lobby/Bar HD screen

• Recognition as a Business Advocate on the Arts Campus’ website with a click-through link

• Listing as a Business Advocate in the Annual Report

• Recognition in the weekly newsletter within a month of receiving the gift

• Recognition on Facebook and other social outlets as a member of the Business Advocates within a month of receiving the gift

• Comp tickets to events as available

Marketing Reach Leveraged for Advocates

• TACAW’s newsletter reaches 2,700 dedicated fans with an average click-through rate of over 30%

• TACAW’s website enjoys over 2,000 unique visitors per month

• Facebook promotions for individual events garner over 1,600 impressions per event on average

• Between 200 – 500 of people come to The Temporary each week where they view our rotating digital ads


• $1,000 per year

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For more information please contact Ryan Honey at 970-510-5365 or email