You can’t stop rockin’ Roy

To get a sense of the standup stylings of comedian Ben Roy, who will be appearing tonight at The Temporary in Basalt at 8 p.m., you should know that long before he became a comedian (and continuing to this day) the 39-year-old Roy was and is a singer in a punk rock band. In fact, […]

NPR reporter to discuss lessons from paradise

The worst wildfire in the United States in over a century, California’s Camp Fire killed 85 people and took out nearly 19,000 structures, wiping out 90 percent of the housing stock in Paradise – a city of some 27,000 people – and leaving behind a ghost town that is facing immense challenges to clean up and rebuild. […]

Lowdown Brass Band |

The Temporary continues to grow and improve the music and arts culture in Basalt for good, bringing in acts that the town might never see otherwise. Friday night, the venue will be welcoming a group from Chicago who have created their own signature sound, perfect for a slightly belated Mardi Gras holiday. This isn’t the […]