Dead Horses – A Tune for Rural America | Aspen Daily News

Sarah Vos, the frontwoman of Dead Horses, was raised in a fundamentalist home in a small Wisconsin town. As with many Americans with a small-town upbringing, the church was a central part of her early life. Vos’s family lived in the parish house of the church of which her father was the pastor. Her family faced the hardships that often come with rural living, in addition to difficulties unique to her situation: Her older brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and her twin suffered from mental illness and cognitive disabilities. At the age of 15, the church expelled Vos and her family, leaving them homeless and unable to afford the medical care her sibling needed.—a-tune-for-rural-america/article_4c568f2e-e86d-11e8-9a6f-67f0c6af53b6.html